Rita Jokiranta's art often explores the dynamic between image, event and interpretation. The viewer's interpretation has always been an essential aspect of her work, whether the medium she uses is photography or video. Even though she tries to avoid stories in her work, there is always a certain narrative in it. Yet we all tell it in our own way and she challenges us to reflect and find new interpretations.
In the videos, otherness and unexpected circumstances are reflected against earlier experiences, and they become merged. Reality and dreams (or nightmares) begin to blend. The unrest of the external world creeps into the video sequences, anxiously colouring what we see with other meanings. Memory transforms the interpretation of what we have seen and experienced, uncertainties may become truths. Ordinary things and familiar details are juxtaposed with other things, such as media images, and emotions and facts can perhaps no longer be distinguished from each other.
Rita Jokiranta often presents her video works in the form of large-scale projections or they are shown on flat screens in a row like photographs, when a new dimension is added to a possible interpretation – the videos can be seen as separate scenes from an unknown movie, watched in parallel instead of the linear narrative of the film and influencing on each other. Parallel viewing also adds time to the images, waiting when nothing really seems to happen.

Rita Jokiranta is a visual artist who works with video, photography, installations, light and sound. She lives and works currently in Stockholm, Sweden, and Mariehamn, Finland. Since 1989 she has had several solo and group shows in Finland and widely elsewhere in Europe.

a free catalogue of selected works 2000-2005 available, please contact the artist

catalogue of selected video works 2005-2010 pdf