Absences - about the transiency of presence

The series called Absences (1998-2000) deals with the transiency of presence and the narrow border-zone between absence and presence. The images are of moments without any meaning, moments which are passing unnoticed, moments which could be forgotten before they occurred, moments when you wish to be somewhere else. Images of people in urban transit environments are compared to images of clouds, fog and other elements. The images are combined in pairs or series forming an installation which acts very much like a movie, but without a narrative. They are only temporary glimpses which may get a viewer to create a story, if it is needed. Every part of the installation is interchangeable. There is something which seems to be documentary but the images are planned for creating an illusion or a feeling to match the subject.

From the series Absences
colour photographs on aluminium, approx.100x150 cm,
edition 3, 1998-2000.