Invisible Rooms, 2000-

Invisible Rooms (2000-) is a series of windows. The work is trying out transparency and hidden spaces. If you can not see the room or look at the view outside the window, you have to create them in your mind. Windows are always dual: when opening new possibilities they also hide secrets. And they can let you in to a new space or close you outside. The outside world might be out of sight but it is still there, maybe representing the idea of freedom...
Another aspect is that the images in the series are all from art-related spaces like art museums, galleries, studios and artists' homes.

Photographic gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki
July 25 - August 17, 2003

From the series Invisible Rooms
colour photographs, 150x120-185 cm,
edition 3, 2000-.

Previous venues:
Den Gyldne, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, 2001
Kakelhallen Gallery, Mariehamn, 2000