Seascape Stories, 1997-1998

From the series
Seascape Stories,
colour photographs on acrylic, 80x100 cm,
edition 6,

.... e perchè si mostra
più azzurra e meno azzurra
una volta che un’altra...

Leonardo da Vinci

Book Seascape Stories
- about the dream to be somewhere else,
46 pages, published 1997,
ISBN 952-90-8342-4

A log of a voyage, an imaginary journey. Over the seven seas. To somewhere beyond the horizon. To nadir which you can never reach.
A log of a lifetime. On the sea of life, a journey between life and death. The ocean is a chaos which includes all possibilities. When the traces are wiped off the ocean surface, there remains a commemoration of all sailors.
A study inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s observations of waves: why the sea appears to be bluer or less blue from time to time...