Temporary Diaries, 2002-

Perceiving a landscape:
Temporary Diaries is a photographic art project trying to find new ways in photographing and presenting a journey in a landscape. It is a try to add a personal experience and a feeling of movement through the landscape in to the images by creating combinations and series and using the visual vocabulary of film-making in still images. It will also study the influence of the images to each other in series and the new visual interpretation they may contain.
The project is based on my previous works (Seascape Stories, Absences and landscape projects in Ireland) and in a way dealing with the same questions of perceiving, travelling and the transiency of the visible.

Temporary Diaries
Kakelhallen Gallery, Mariehamn
August 15 - September 10, 2003

Temporary Diaries
Draíocht, Dublin
June 6 - July 26, 2003

From the series Temporary Diaries,
colour photographs, approx. 100x150 cm,
edition 3, 2002-03.
The series will be continued.